At Messages For You we believe in giving you the opportunity to tell your loved ones, friends or family how you feel even if you can’t do this in person.

With Messages for You, you are able to send a personalised message to anyone of your choosing on a date or event in the future specified by you. 

Why send a Message?

Whilst the majority of us have access to various social media platforms, and face to face calling there is still something personal about receiving to recorded message from a time in the past.

Imagine being able to leave a message for your child to watch when they are your age, or being able to have a message played to your family after you’ve gone. With Messages For You that is entirely possible. We will record and store the messages you have and send it out on a specified date or event up to 25 years in the future leaving you with the piece of mind your message is secure and ready to go.Not only this but you are able to send multiple messages over a period of time knowing that every message will be sent securely on time in the order you have told us.

With multiple packages available, you are able to choose the most appropriate one for you, either recording the message yourself or have our home filming team come out to you. We have first class film and sound recording abilities as well as post filming options. Green Screen filming allows you to be placed anywhere you feel suitable