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We were set to launch Messages For You as the Corona Virus hit the UK and the rest of the world.

We initially decided to pause it as we felt people had more important things going on.

However, we quickly realised that nursing home residents, older and vulnerable people left on their own, people who simply can’t travel to see each other were wanting to send videos, live chat and so on so it quickly became clear that this service might be needed now more than ever.

So what is Messages For You? Well it started as a way to leave a message for your loved ones after you passed away, a final goodbye they received in the post or online that would mean so much. We saw though that people didn’t just want to say goodbye, they wanted to leave messages for poignant moments in their children and grandchildren lives, such as graduation, there wedding day, birthdays and so on.

So we built it in the hope they will come!

However with the arrival of Covid-19 our plans were scuppered but, in true British fashion, we have adapted the platform for the moment to enable care and nursing home residents to send messages to their family and vice versa. Normally we would charge for the use of the service however nobody involved with Messages For You even explored this as an option.

Send messages to loved ones in a different way. For more information please get in touch with use via our contact page. Also if you know of a nursing home that might want to utilise this service then refer them on. We want to help.

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