event Messages

Send a message on a specific date or event for any occasion.

Life can be hectic sometimes and gets in the way of doing things we enjoy with the people we care about the most. That is why at Messages For You we want to give everyone the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of the ones we care about the most.

Whilst everyone sends cards throughout the year, why not take it to the next step and send a video message. This message will be delivered on that date or event for them to view.

Let us know the occasion and we will send your message out for you with the details you specify. After you have uploaded your message, you can simply sit back and relax with the confidence that your message will be delivered on time.  Unsure of the date? No problem, all we ask is you let us know nearer the time when you want us to send it. Alternatively you can nominate a trustee to do this for you. We will be guided by you.