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Depending on which package you have selected You will then be prompted to upload your data. Please note the Messages For You will only store and send the assets out in line with the package selected.

Category: Assets

Once you have nominated your beneficiaries you will be able to either have this sent out via special delivery or electronically through email.

Category: Assets

Assets are the materials you have uploaded into the system or given to Messages For You, including but not limited to videos, letters, pictures and keepsakes. Majority of these will be digital only assets, Should their be any keepsakes you would like sending out and have selected one of our premium packages, Messages For You, will store these and send them out on the requested date or event with you recording.

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Other FAQ

No. A will must be in writing, this means your video can not be used as your last will and testament, however whilst it will not constitute as a will, it can be used as evidence in support of your will to clarify points made which may not entirely be clear in your will.

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In modern times, we all use digital devices to take photographs, create videos and write letters, however of all the photographs, videos and letters you have taken, recorded and written, how many do you still have? Will your device still have these images in 10 years time? Can you rely on the fact they will not be erased, stolen or corrupted? By using Messages For You, we are able to guarantee the safety and longevity of your assets which can be cherished forever.

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Under our Report a death page, your trustee or beneficiary is able to report you end of life. If it is someone else reporting this to us, we will look for clarification from your nominated trustee.

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Packages and prices

If you have selected one of our plans which require a fee to be paid, once uploaded Messages For You will invoice you. Payment will be required to be made within 7 days of before your asset is due to be send out, whichever is first. Please note failure to make payment will result in Messages For You removing your assets from our server and the asset will not be sent.

If you decide you would like to upgrade your package, you are able to select another package and pay the difference between the accounts. Messages For You will then get to work and contact you to discuss this.

Person of interest

No. Once nominated the trustee will receive an email and will need to confirm his/her acceptance of this role. There no obligation to become a trustee if you have been nominated.

Yes the user is free to nominate whomever they wish to be trustee.

Yes, a trustee is not limited to just one user and can be nominated an infinite amount of times to serve as a trustee.

As trustee, except for a specific number of exceptions you generally will not be allowed to view the user’s assets. If Messages for You feels there is something untoward within the user’s assets, Messages For You retain the right to speak to you about this and if necessary allow you to view the assets.

You are free to add trustees to your account, if you no longer wish to use a trustee then please report this to Messages For You through your account. Messages For You will then send an email to you for this to be confirmed. If you do decide you no longer wish to use your original nominated trustee, please be aware you will need to nominate another to this role.

If your beneficiary is a minor, Messages For You will liaise with the appointed Trustee and their minor’s next of kin before sending your assets out. Please note it is your responsibility to inform us of this.

Unexpected things happen in life. Messages For You realises this and has prepared for any scenario. Should this happen your assets will be sent to your trustee.

It is accepted that people can often change their details, should this happen you are able to change this on our system. If the details change after your death, it will be yours, or the trustee’s duty to inform us of any changes.

Once a message has been uploaded, we will follow your instructions regarding when to deliver this message. However in certain cases you may not be aware of when to send this message or if a period of time has passed, the beneficiary may have changed contact details. For this reason we require a trustee to assist in updating us with when to send the message as well as any change in circumstances, should you no longer be able to do this.

The beneficiary is the person who will inherit the user’s specified asset. Once an account has been made the user will be able to upload their assets and specify who will be the beneficiary of these assets and when they will receive them. We will only release these assets to the beneficiary on the date specified by the user.

The term “trustee” refers to the person whom the user has nominated. Once the user has nominated the trustee. Messages For You will contact him/her to confirm they are happy to take this responsibility. In most cases Messages For You will not require the intervention of a trustee if the user has chosen a specific date to release this information. However if any long period of time passes before this date, Mesasges For You will contact your nominated trustee to ensure all of the information is up to date. The trustee will also be responsible for reporting your death.

The term “user” refers to the person of who completes the form and uploads any digital assets. Full information can be found on our terms and conditions page.


As a general rule, the answer is no. Once you upload your assets to Messages For You, these will be stored by Messages For You until the time is right for them to be sent out. If you have requested Messages For You to edit your digital assets a copy will be sent to you, or at your request your trustee to approve.

Category: Security

At Messages For You we take confidentiality extremely seriously. Only yourself will have access to your assets. When it is time for Messages For You to send your assets out, we will ensure this is delivered only to the beneficiaries you have nominated.

Category: Security

All personal information is kept on Messages For You’s extra secure servers meaning that other than yourself, no other person will have access to this information.

Category: Security

Sending out Your Assets

Messages For You has invested a great deal of time ensuring our rigorous systems are correct. This is then manually checked against the information you have provided to us prior to sending out.

Messages For You has invested a great deal of time and money to ensure full process automation. We are able to track all the information given to us by you and are alerted to your preferred date to send out your assets. Your nomination of a trustee ensures that the execution of your assets is known to others.

Messages For You will rely on the information you give us to ensure your assets are sent out on the date you have requested. If a number of years have passed, Messages For You will contact your trustee to ensure the information we have is still correct.

At Messages For You we appreciate that it may not be possible to know the exact date you would like your digital assets to be sent. If this is the case, leave the date blank. Messages For You will then rely on your nominated trustee to inform us of your death and guide us with the dates your assets should be sent out.


Absolutely! When completing the form, simply select the package which best suits you.

Category: Storage

Messages For You will store videos for 25 years in advanced.

Category: Storage


At Messages For You we realise that you may wish to leave multiple messages each to be delivered on their own specific date. For example, you may wish to leave messages for a loved one to be delivered on their birthday every year. If this is the case, simply upload each video and select the date you wish the video to be sent out on up to a period of 25 years.

Category: Uploading

If you would like to add send another video after a certain amount of time, simply complete the form and upload your video. Please note that whilst we are currently offering one video to be electronically sent for free. Should any further videos be uploaded there will be a charge for this.

Category: Uploading

Messages For You can assist with this should you select one of our premium packages. We will then contact you to arrange a time and date to record your message and can give guidance on what you would like to say.

Category: Uploading

Absolutely, we never know what is round the corner and the majority of us surround ourselves with loved ones. Messages For You’s mission is to ensure that everyone has the chance to tell the people that matter to them how they feel.

Category: Uploading

Whilst the asset is yours and you are free to say whatever you wish, please be aware that if there is any criminal behaviour mentioned on your assets, Messages For You is obligated to report this to the appropriate authorities. Furthermore if anything is said which may be considered defamatory, Messages For You reserves the right to speak with you or if necessary, your trustee in relation to whether the material is suitable. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

Category: Uploading

Absolutely. If you have any queries regarding uploading your data, please send us an email and Messages For You will contact you within 24 hours to assist.

Category: Uploading

There are a variety of packages available to you in order to upload a video. You can either record yourself on you own device; alternatively Messages For You can visit you and record your very own unique video.

Category: Uploading

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