Say Last Goodbye with messages for you.

If you one chance to say your last goodbye right now, who would you say your last goodbye to?

Imagine not being able to tell your daughter how beautiful she is on her wedding day, or not being tell your son how proud you are of him on his eighteenth birthday. Imagine your wife and children having to care for you even though you can’t remember how they are.

Death is a sensitive subject, however, it is a reality of life meaning that at some point its a reality we all must face. If you were given the chance to make sure your loved ones received a message which they are able to cherish forever, would you do it? How would you say goodbye?

At Messages For You we have made it our mission to inspire people to say what they want to say before it’s too late. This way you can rest assured that when you say your last goodbye it is done the way you want to do it.

Record a Message to be played at your eulogy, send messages to your loved ones reassuring them after you’ve gone, send multiple messages to your family over a period of 25 years ensuring you can be there for your children and grandchildren. Be remembered they way that you want them to.

With multiple options on how to send the message, you can decide how, when and to whom the message is sent after you’ve gone.

Be there. When they need you the most.

be there... even when you can't be